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I was unawares that there is a snow storm forecasted for tonight. Well, perfect blogging weather as I sit in my hammock and watch the flurries continue outside my window! 🤷🏾‍♀️


What is on your music playlist right now?

I personally enjoy YouTube Music the best for listening to music, and all my music playlists are on there.

I recently started a morning walk playlist, because God has recently been waking me up with songs in my spirit that relate to what I am going through, and these have been encouraging to dwell on when I go on walks outside with Him.

Favorite Artists

Usually, I let YouTube create a playlist for me based on a song I have in mind or a particular artist. I am one to listen to music from individual artists’ discography on repeat, but once in a while I will use the radio feature to see what YouTube introduces to me. But here are three of my favorites (all are independent):

Jamie Grace… She is a trailblazer in my mind, as she is now independent, but used to be a part of Gotee records (TobyMac). Jamie Grace’s music has morphed into an indie style from her earlier pop days. She also seems to be more accessible as a human. I admire her approach overall, and love how she does not confine herself, though she does have a clear message advocating for awareness for mental health issues and even wrote a book called “Finding Quiet”. She talks about these things on her YouTube and podcast if you are interested in learning about her smart work-life dynamic.

quick rant…

I will share a bit more about why I like the independent approach rather than getting signed with a record label (look out for a future post in which I share what I learned from Michael W. Smith’s team). Briefly, I am not driven to make a living off of music as much as I want to build an effective ministry. That being said, being independent can stilll make you more money than getting signed anyways, depending on your approach. Either way, your approach depends on your goals, but the common thread is building relationships with people who can help you in areas where you are not knowledgeable. This can be with a management group, a label, and simply by building community with a collective of other artists and entrepreneur-types.

Josh Garrels… definitely one of those artists I first heard when in radio mode on YouTube Music. He exhibits a mix of folk, indie…uh… he doesn’t fit in quite one category, in my books. Maybe skater music? At least that’s what I like to call it because of his background story, and I like to listen to his music while roller-skating.

He is my favorite artist by far, because of the uniqueness of his style, biblical references in his music, and overall relevance to life (I know that’s vague, but try his music and it might click 😆). Certainly, the style may not be for everyone, and sometimes I have to be in a certain mood to better absorb it also. I would say my song, Pulling Weeds, is closer to his style of writing…but also, not really that close, as I do not know how to categorize that song myself (see my blog post titled, “Pulling Weeds“). Again, obviously not for everyone. As for me, I am really digging this semi-cyptic poetic-freeverse-indie-folk stuff.

Jonathan Ogden… I look up to this cat for his worship-oriented, contemplative/meditative style. He is a lo-fi-Christian-worship artist. I probably listen to his music the most out of the three mentioned. He may also be the most accessible artist out of the ones mentioned. Highly reccommend: You can join the global discord community he initiated for Christian artists here (he pops in the threads fairly regularly, and I personally can’t keep up with the discussions as much as I would like to).

Furthermore, his writing is heavily based on scripture, and the manner in which he uses the artist platform to glorify God is what I observe as a model for my own ministry, especially considering I desire to travel internationally (he also has pursued ministry endeavors over-seas). He has videos on YouTube that are great discipleship tools, and I would encourage any Christian in the music industry to take note of his intentionality to keep God first and foremost in his life. For artists creating for the kingdom of God, his project Magnify Studios is a helpful resource, to say the least. If you are looking for some neat instrumental study or prayer music, he released a mix-tape relatively recently based on the 24 hours in a day, succinctly called Twenty Four. He also creates visual art, including to brand his own album covers.

Notable Mentions

There are many more who have inspired me and will continue to do so one way or another: Britt Nicole (❤my❤adolescence❤), Francesca Battistelli, Moriah Peters, 7song, Daniel Martin Moore, and numerous artists in the gospel-music scene. I could not possibly name them all. I also have to credit my dad, and family in general, for fostering in me a musical diversity. God used them to make me feel its ok to explore musical styles like bluegrass and reggae.

So, what’s on your playlist?


Gianna Elyse

#bloganuary2022 (hey! I’m on time this time 😁)

Intro to Gianna Elyse

I have been entrusted with a voice, to say something of my Creator, the gospel, to exhort, encourage, and ultimately to leave each place better than I found it. This blog seeks to better represent my artistry and connect with my supporters.

Whether you are a fellow musician, friend, promoter, or manager, this blog is present to update you on my music, ministry, and personal life.

Discussions will reference music as a form of worship, in the context of ministry, and in the commercial realm. You will also be able to read about developments with my music, people in my network, and activities in which I am involved. Stylistically, I tend to sing and create either folk, worship, gospel, or funk music content. This because I grew up in a diverse musical situation; my dad was a worship leader, my Hispanic grandmother writes songs, my uncle is in a reggae band, my aunt and I share a love for Motown, and I am a classically trained flutist, amongst other instruments I ventured to learn. Folk music is more of a recent admiration for me, as my dad introduced me to bluegrass after we moved to a rural town in Florida. Coming from a city in New Jersey, I was not immediately accepting of folk music, but grew to be inspired by it.  

In short, I hope to make it easier for people to follow my artistic journey by my sharing original music more effectively and consistently documenting my personal growth.

Spiritual Topics

If you are like me, you take Biblical matters seriously and seek truth whenever theological matters are addressed. I have asked a pastor of mine to review drafts of certain posts for his insight and constructive feedback, as I am no exegetical expert! 

Plans fail for lack of counsel,

    but with many advisers they succeed.

Proverbs 15:22 (New International Version)


My goals for the blog are to feature new music, including monthly collaborations with other artists, and to release two new songs/compositions within the next year.

My plan is to also formulate a giveaway within the next year as a way to bless someone else during this journey. I do have personal goals in terms of followers and activity on posts, however, I will keep those private for now and release the results at the end of ‘22.


My desire is to connect and grow within the reach of my surrounding community. This means you who are reading are some of the most accessible people to me. Perhaps you know of a business or family who would like a “backyard concert” or you yourself have an event coming up. I would love to discuss playing for your business or event.

As I gain support, I could employ personal equipment. At this time, however, please keep in mind I will only be able to perform if you are satisfied with an acoustic setup [simply my instrument(s) and I] or where equipment and tech accommodations are already provided within the venue. 

To be transparent, you are witnessing me grow artistically and brand myself better. Thank you for your support of Gianna Elyse!

For collaboration inquiries, or to book a “backyard” concert, please use the contact form at the end of this post.

Why I share music:

This world is a broken place, and the pieces are too many to be put together by one.  Yet, Jesus did the impossible.  He transcended cultural and spiritual boundaries to connect us back with God, and challenged us to do the same with other people, by the power of the Holy Spirit.  His love is so powerful it freed me from the power of darkness!  I can’t help but share how good is my God through the music He has put on my heart.